The Best CBD Hemp Oil at your fingertips!

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The Best CBD Hemp Oil at your fingertips!

CBD, an abbreviation for "cannabidiol" is one of over 113 naturally occurring phytocannabinoids found in cannabis.  Over time, CBD, and other cannabinoids have exhibited properties on ingestion or topical application which may benefit human health.  Cannabinoids, also known as CBD hemp oil is found in hemp and we have created a pure and potent set of CBD hemp oils in the market.

Our CBD hemp oil is available in various flavors.  However, confirming the quality of the chosen form and the most effective consumption modes is necessary to get the best results.  Because we understand perfectly the rudiments of CBD hemp oil extraction and processing, our products are not manufactured using ethanol or neurotoxic solvents.  We utilize only the safest extraction means, thereby retaining the purity of the trichome compounds present in the product.   

While we cannot make any specific claims on the health benefits of CBD Hemp Oil, our CBD hemp oil has been widely described as beneficial on human and animal health, with the ability to affect almost all body processes without side-effects.  Like most hemp products, our CBD hemp oil can help you combat popular medical conditions like anxiety, depression, migraines, chronic pain, nerve disorders, seizures and arthritis among others. 

Blue Moon CBD Hemp Oil Product Facts

Our CBD Hemp oil is an organic product sold as alternative medicine.  Like all of our products, you are sure of a 99.6% purity and zero toxins.  They come in diverse delivery systems, including Vape, Tincture, Topical cream, and Gummies among others. Likewise, each delivery offers a wide range of concentrate strengths.  Gummies ranges from 40mg to 250mg; Tincture from 125mg to 1000mg and Vape from 250mg to 6000mg. 

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